Shipping FAQs

When do you ship?

  • We ship out ice cream once a week on Wednesday. 

How will my ice cream be shipped?

  • We will email you tracking information as soon as your ice cream ships. Your ice cream will arrive in a styrofoam container with enough dry ice to keep it nice and cold. It will take no more than 48 hours for the ice cream to arrive at its destination. For that reason we can not ship to PO Boxes. 

How do I handle the dry ice?

  • Dry Ice is extremely cold at -109.3°F. Always handle Dry Ice with care and never touch it with your bare skin. An oven mitt or towel will work. Leave any leftover Dry Ice unwrapped and in a well ventilated area and it will evaporate on its own.

My ice cream arrived damaged/melted. What can I do?

  • Contact us at and we will resend your order or refund the cost to you.