Happy Hour 4 pack!

Purple Door Ice Cream

$ 45.00
Happy Hour 4 pack!

This is Happy Hour done our way. Each has enough boozy goodness that you taste it but not enough that we need to see an ID. Unless of course you WANT us to card you in which case WOW you look so young for your age!

Whiskey made with Great Lakes Distillery's Kinnickinick Whiskey: Whiskey in ice cream? You bet! We love trying new things in ice cream and alcohol seems like a great fit. Pairing our sweet cream ice cream with our neighbor, Great Lakes Distillery's KK Whiskey is a match made in heaven. A strong and balanced whiskey flavor mixes well with our sweet cream base.

Brandy Old Fashioned: If you live in Wisconsin, chances are you have had a Brandy Old Fashioned. It only made sense that this classic drink would inspire us to make an ice cream flavor. You will taste the brandy, orange, cherries and bitters in this sweet treat.

Beer and Pretzels made with Lakefront Brewery's East Side Dark Beer: After many trials and six-packs (for the ice cream AND the staff), we have perfected a beer ice cream loaded with pieces of chocolate covered pretzels. We owed it to Milwaukee!

Vanilla as a chaser